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Under the moniker Tape Tension, Jack Ross is a musician, visual artist/designer, and multimedia producer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.


Tape Tension is the home recording project of Minneapolis based multi-instrumentalist and producer, Jack Ross. Tape Tension’s music infuses lulling vocals, psychedelia and 80’s synthesizers to cast an analog fog over tracks, creating a sound that’s a pull of youthful dream pop with sensibility to the past.


Tape Tension began as a project in 2015, writing and recording at home, dorm rooms and other living spaces over time while in college, leading to a debut single, “Driving,” which was released in 2017 with a radio premiere on NPR’s The Current. Drawing influence from modern psychedelia, jangle pop and 80’s synth pop, Tape Tension’s debut full-length album, “Sounds From Past Nights,” was released in 2018 after being painstakingly assembled in a collage fashion over those three years since the project began.


The following summer in 2019 saw the release of the single “With Our Eyes Closed.” Adding flares of electronica and disco, the single received a radio premiere on NPR’s The Current and an online premiere on Obscure Sound. Shortly after, it landed on Spotify’s Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds: Indie playlists, influential playlists such as Compact Cassette, and a number of radio stations and publications including KEXP, City Pages, Burning Ear and Indie Monster, to name a few.


With additional singles "Moving Pictures" and "I Called Your Name" released in 2020 and 2021, Tape Tension's second full-length album "Questions In Balance" will be released June 21, 2022.


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