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Tape Tension

"Questions In Balance"

Release date: June 21, 2022


1. A Memory

2. I Called Your Name

3. With Our Eyes Closed

4. Mind Vacation

5. When You Dream

6. Fossils

7. Moving Pictures

8. Say It's Alright

9. Growing Apart


  • Limited to 100 copies, handstamp numbered
  • Pressed to 180 gram heavyweight black vinyl
  • Includes two panel full-color lyrics and liner notes insert
  • Includes download card allowing access to the full album and exclusive bonus track "High Tides" in MP3, FLAC, or WAV


With Tape Tension’s second album, Jack Ross breathes new life into his solo project, building on his debut with a more electronic and hi-fi sound. Ross wrote, recorded, and mixed the album in his home between 2019 and 2021, and performed all instruments and vocals. Minneapolis flutist Mark Henderson (Bon Iver, Jeremy Messersmith) is featured on the track “When You Dream.” 


In a stark departure from Tape Tension’s debut concept album, Questions in Balance features nine tracks that each carve out their own space on the LP, both narratively and through artfully layered soundscapes. From the gentle, almost reverent opening synth, to the classical guitar flourishes in “Say It’s Alright,” to the hip-hop, disco, and post-bossa nova influences, Questions in Balance refuses to be defined. Fans of Caribou, Sweet Trip, and Toro y Moi will appreciate the lush instrumentals and dreamy vocals that have defined Tape Tension’s sound, and listeners old and new will delight in the myriad of influences and styles that Ross pulls from to create his most mature album to date.


Part dreamy psychedelia, part analog synth pop, Tape Tension’s latest release expertly weaves styles and genres while thriving in the marriage between nostalgic and futuristic. At its heart, Questions in Balance begs the listener to believe that the true art of the anachronism is not in the way it stands apart, but in the way it bends the world around it to create something entirely new.

Questions In Balance LP (limited edition, 180g black vinyl)

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